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Full Website Rebuild & Migration

An e-commerce-ready website with dynamic elements for 3SIXty Technical Competency Training.

Redesigned Website

Using a thorough discovery process, we fully redeveloped 3SIXty’s website, crafting a new layout, optimizing all content, and developing new copy.

E-Commerce Ready

We introduced new e-commerce capabilities, allowing 3SIXty to sell their training services directly through their website.

Great on all Devices

We designed a responsive website that looks good and functions well on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The Story

Our client needed to take their business to the next level.

3SIXty Technical Competency Training is a workforce development organization specializing in Information Technology training. They offer technical training courses and provide highly experienced course instructors.
As a company desiring to grow, they understood that a new website designed to help customers better understand their offerings and allowing for direct sales was essential for them to succeed.
GlassHouse completely overhauled 3SIXty’s website, guided by valuable insights uncovered through our meticulous discovery process – a process designed to help our clients organize their thoughts and bring clarity to their organizational vision.

Custom Post Types

We created custom post types to organize our client’s services and leveraged new custom fields to add metadata describing each offering.

New Dynamic Elements

This updated website leverages numerous new dynamic elements, allowing our client to easily, quickly, and safely make important website edits.

Faster Web Hosting

We migrated 3SIXty’s website to faster, performance-oriented web hosting, helping improve the website’s overall user experience and sales potential.

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